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Kate is a new and emerging North Wales artist.

Born and brought up in the North West of England, she moved to the Conwy Valley in the summer of 2015.

Kate's creative inspiration comes from her intuitive response to the natural world around her.

She works with acrylic paint in a distinctive limited palette.

Using expressive brush strokes, Kate creates thought provoking images depicting the untamed nature of the elements.

Her artsistic interpretation evokes an ethereal, almost elusive quality.

"Moving to live in this beautiful part of North Wales has ignighted my inner creativity and given me a desire to express myself through my art.

I am constantly stirred by my surroundings, no matter what time of year, finding inspiration in each and every season.

I work mainly in soft, muted tones, using intuative brushstrokes to see where the painting takes me.

I draw upon memories, observation, and imagination, to create my own personal interpretation of semi-abstract painting.

I love the freedom of going with the flow. It takes me to a different dimaension where I lose all sense of time..."




APRIL 13 - MAY 10 2024

Artworks2, Betws y Coed

MARCH 9 - MAY 5 2024

Oriel Brondanw, Llanfrothen 




JUNE 2023

Artworks2, Betws y Coed


JULY 2023 To Date

Bodnant Art Gallery, Tal y Cafn


AUGUST 19 - 28 OCTOBER 2023

Oriel Ty Meirion, Dyffryn Ardudwy

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